We understand you have questions. Here is where you will find most of the answers to the questions might be asking.

How much will my site cost?

Each site is unique and each customer wants different features within their site. This is where step one comes in to play and we discuss your needs and wants. There are several factores that are related to the cost of a site including domain, server, emails, specials features, etc.

Do you offer other services?

While we prefer to stick with websites, we do offer other services such as Graphic Design and Social Media. We can create logos and other marketing materials for you to help unify your brand.

What if I don't have content?

Content is the main bulk of your website and it will be what visitors read. We recommend getting as much content together in order to make the process easier. The basic content you should gather is a summary about your business, your services, your features, and whatever else you want your customers to know.

What if I have updates?

Updates to your website are inevitable; things change year to year and your customers need to know. Each update is different and with that in mind each update will have a different update price. We advise customers to get as many updates ready as possible, document the changes, and send them all at once. Trust us, it will be easier on your wallet this way.

How do you choose your customers?

Twin Pine Web Design is limited in its ability to manage many clients, so we choose to only focus on one client at a time. We usually work with only one or two clients a month.

What platform do you use?

We use the WordPress platform for creating our sites. We do this for several reasons:

  • Secure and Dependable
  • Flexible and Responsive Design
  • Easy to Update and Manage
  • Thousands of themes, templates, and add-ons

What if I want to leave Twin Pine?

While its hard to see a customer leave, we understand that life happens. Twin Pine Web Design creates sites for the customer, not for ourselves. While we hate to see a customer move on, anything we create for that customer belongs to the customer and they can take it with them. We do not hold customers hostage with the content we created.

Still have Questions?

If you still have questions that were not covered above, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.